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Torres Alta Luz symbolizes purity and sophistication. Enjoy flavor at its finest, with an ice sphere that cools but does not dilute the fruity and delicate flavor of this exceptional cristalino brandy.

Let yourself be dazzled by the first cristalino brandy made in Barcelona. Ideal for whatever time of day you decide: an apéritif on a terrace, an afternoon in good company, after work, or as an evening indulgence.

Due to its flavor profile, you can also savor this aged brandy with sparkling water and a slice of lemon, enhancing its freshness.

Torres Alta Luz is the perfect accompaniment for appetizers and dishes based on fresh fish, smoked fish, lobster, or crab, also combining very well with fruit, vegetable and mixed salads.


  • Torres Alta Luz
  • Large ice cube or 4 standard ones


How to...

  • Place a large ice cube, or 4 standard ones, in a short Old Fashioned-style glass.
  • Add 50ml of Torres Alta Luz.


Drink responsibly
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