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All our brandies rely on the process of distilling wine made with grape varieties grown in Penedès, such as Xarel·lo or Ugni Blanc, which provide body and fruity aromas, Macabeo, with its nutty flavour, and Parellada, which provides a delicate acidity.

Variedades singulares de uva del penedés
El proceso de destilación


The Torres family has more than a century of experience in the art of wine distillation. We apply this same experience and passion at Torres Brandy to make the highest quality brandies and distillates.

We harvest the different grape varieties, press them and let them ferment to produce alcohol in the wine. Then, to make the brandy, we distil the wine.

We use two distillation methods depending on the type of brandy that is desired:

With discontinuous distillation in a traditional still, we can retain aromas that will develop better over a long ageing process.

Continuous distillation, however, allows us to look for softer, aromatic profiles for more versatile brandies, and is ideal for cocktails like Torres 15.

After it is distilled, we age it in oak barrels. Over time, the brandy will take on those vintage characteristics that will make it unique: its softness, intensity and complexity.


At Torres Brandy, we use two ageing methods with oak barrels.

The traditional solera method involves arranging the American oak barrels at different heights such that the most recent brandy, contained in the upper criaderas, is mixed in small amounts with the older brandy until, after several years, it is mixed with the final level of the criaderas, those on the ground, the soleras (which means "on the ground" in Spanish), which contain the oldest brandies.

In contrast, Torres 20 relies on a different, static ageing method that uses French oak barrels. As it ages, the brandy is kept in the same oak barrel and is not mixed with other brandies.

Métodos de envenjecimiento: solera y estático.
Las barricas, más que un recipiente


American oak contributes a great deal of tannins, as well as an intense colour and aromas of toasted coconut and spices, coffee and tobacco.

On the other hand, French oak gives a brandy subtlety and elegance. Aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and pepper. On the palate, it provides a drier, more sumptuous profile.

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