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Pure and full of character, a true luxury. One of the best brandies in the world is savoured neat, with no ice. With each sip, you will appreciate its unique texture and multiple, delicate aromas of vanilla, walnut, flowers, plum and sandalwood. A drink to enjoy in a leisurely, relaxed manner, a drink that brings time to a standstill. Jaime I is a jewel of a brandy.


  • Jaime I
  • Ice and cold water

How to...

  • You will need two glasses: fill one with ice and very cold water. You will use it to cool off and prepare the palate. In the other, pour 50 ml of Jaime I. To best experience a brandy neat, cool your palate with ice water, and even as the last drops of water linger in your palate, start with a small sip of Jaime I so they can start mixing, thus improving the tasting experience.
Drink responsibly
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